About Us

Apropos NGAOS ‑ New Land, Same Goals 

The threshold of 2021 witnessed a turning point for NGAOS. Indeed, we sprung ourselves from a Vietnamese local brand, out of the border, to expand our networks to new lands, one of which was the United Kingdom. Though a newcomer in the Isles, we hold a great expectation to provide our Briton beauties with high‑quality bags and accessories, which not only meet their legitimate demand of convenience but also a high standard of aesthetics. Our beloved muses! As it is our very first encounter, we hope you would be kind enough for a brief introduction about ourselves.

Magnificent Things Start Humbly

That was 2015, we ‑ a pack of daring and aspiring youngsters who were nurturing our deep passion and burning ambition, got together for a little promising start. That was the day we launched NGAOS. Everything stayed as simple as it had been ‑ no big celebration, no long queue waiting. However, fueled by our strong motivations, it did not take us much time to establish our position in the market.

The Name? NGAOS, Purry NGAOS!

You may find it unusual, but it IS the felines that have inspired us. In Vietnamese, “ngao” is one of the words that mimics the cats’ meowing, (especially when they are “hangry”!) We found that the felines perfectly represent feminism as they are independent and yet still being the most attractive animal on the world just by doing what they want. Additionally, “ngaos”, is also a typo of the word “ngáo” which means innocent and care-free. Hence, we took NGAOS as our name as it echoes our core values - to celebrate feminity and empower our muses to be confident in their own uniqueness. It is always great to be who we truly are, isn't it?

NGAOS Strive for Your Confidence

Fueled by our goal to make every single girl beautiful and confident in their own ways. NGAOS has relentlessly making effort to provide you with the best products. Indeed, we have come a long way in the past years. As fashion changes, we are always there for any new inspirations and innovations. With NGAOS, you are always in fashion.

Also for NGAOS’ Circle, your circle

Undoubtedly, NGAOS always hold our #ngaosbabes in high esteem, as well as for we appreciate your families and friends. We would like to express our profound gratitude for your complete trust in us even in the trial of adversities.

Apart from that, we are also thankful for our tailors, quilters, sewers who cleverly manufacture such immaculate splendour bags. Your dextrous craftmanship blows the breath of elegance and magnificence to every product, but it is your heart, your mind, and your soul that make the bags outstanding. You are true artists in your own right.

Ethically made

Last but no least, we believe Earth is one and only, just like you, hence, we really put a lot of effort in making sure that the materials we choose is giving as least impact to the environment as possible. You can make your purchases with confidence knowing that your bagmakers are treated fairly and no animals or rivers were harmed in the process.