Breath of Spring

Many kinds of flowers bloom gloriously in the spring sun. Swaying in the gentle morning breeze, they show their prettiest shades and release the most beautiful scents. NGAOS scrupulously capture the pristine vibe and turn it into the Florabom Round Bag.


The colourful flower
garden in which each
bloom symbolises our
muses' beauty and vitality.


In NGAOS' roseraie, every flower bears a unique beauty. Either pure or exotic, either mild or vivid, all are attractive and worth admiring. Similarly, although our muses may be of various appearances, they are all beautiful and youthful in their own ways.

A muse's beauty is not simply what she puts on. Instead, it is herself, undoubtedly. No need for a florid hat or an opulent dress, it is the muse's senses of youthfulness and purity that make her gorgeous. Wherever she goes, she fills the space with refreshment and excitement. She comes with the breeze of spring that makes everything around far more alive.


The Spring Breeze

Just like Flora - the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, each of you is also a goddess in your own right. Indeed, thanks for your youthfulness, you simply make the world a far more brilliant place.


Embracing that pleasant vernal vibe, Florabom Round Bags combine the strength of high-quality leather with light and flowing flower embroidery. It also comes in many gentle and fashionable colours.