In the summertime comes new inspiration. Both nature and the soul take the same tone named freedom. Summer means ardour and spirit. More importantly, it heralds the time to liberate your body and broaden your mind.

Here comes the story of Little Jimmi coming into the forest for the magic flowers. On the way, he got immersed in the sacred ambience of nature, enjoying the pleasant sound of plants and birds. His heart then was filled with love and energy for a new adventure. 


With Souls of The Forest, NGAOS introduce the brand new Fuchsia into our palette. This glaring shade easily spreads positivity and optimism to the surrounding. Including Fuchsia, we want to bring the global trend of colour-block to our muses. Plus, the subtle contrast of the pink-blue duo on our products is simply awe-inspiring.

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The collection not only comes with new designs.
They are made with innovative techniques and feature great improvements in both capacity and details.

The brand new Pixie is a great fit for busy muses. Remarkable with a minimalist box form, Pixie is cleverly embellished with a butterfly from the forest of your soul. This is a reminder for you to take more care of yourself and be bold on the path of life.

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Capturing the souls of the forest, the aptly named collection is like a Choral Fantasy of joy and freedom. All products form a choir that beautifully sings: ''And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and to find my soul.''


Just like the shining Sun, you can live your life up to the fullest, without a scare nor hesitation. Did you hear the cheering sound of summer breezes, you can enjoy being yourself no matter how you are. Our selves - it's the greatest gift from the world, so why hide it? 

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