For You I love youIt's time to introduce you to a special team of cute animals. These little cuties capture every aspect of affection and spread it around on your behalf.Love Letter Purse Cute purse with pretty mini floral patterns for all girls. Every purse is a little message and a subtle gift for your magnificent woman.Cutie Box Coated with positive energy, the products in  this new collection bring inspiration to every aspect of your daily life. Babyboo Laptop Cover New members of the Ngaos family include Frog, Chic, Bear, and Rabbit. Each represents love, youth, health, and happiness.Lucky Card Holder The first ever cardholder design of NGAOS.  This is a clever combination of pressed patterned fabric and recycled PVC one.The cardholder is not only of high aesthetic quality but also satisfies convenience and functionality.Tulip Charm Sometimes, simply a bunch of tulips can speak thousands of words. Every petal is fastidiously made just as your wholehearted care for your beloved.