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Astro Tote Bag

Astro Tote Bag

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Perfectly sized for a 13-inch laptop, Astro is elegantly designed for the workaholic who loves simplicity and lightness.

The internal sub-compartments include zip-lock and non-zip-lock compartments, making it easy to protect your personal items but still extremely convenient in daily life. Comes with two bag straps with different lengths to make Astro more flexible and suitable for all women's activities.

This version of the bag is made by NGAOS with vegan leather and tweed fabric to create two different sides of the bag - one modern and the other trendy. The embroidered face is depicted by NGAOS the cat Kito - a new character on the planet NGAOS.

Embroidery thread is also used by NGAOS with a metallic color scheme that matches the leather material, creating a cool and modern mix. The tweed fabric surface is combined with NGAOS logo and embroidered thread color matching the color of the bag, creating a rhythm and attraction even though it is not painted with many colors. A bag with two customizable straps and two sides, the Astro is the most versatile and easy to use in the collection.


  • Material: vegan leather and tweed fabric
  • 1 large compartment with an extra compartment inside the bag
  • Size: 38cm(w) x 30cm(h) x 12cm(d)
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