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Flower Charm

Flower Charm

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Live life in full bloom.

This product is meticulously made as every petal is crafted with high accuracy, which hones its delicacy.

The flower bag charms are made to celebrate your uniqueness as each of them embraces a specific nuance. It's the spark of the craftsman's creativity that makes them so special. No flower charms are the same. As such, the originality of these charms allows numerous combinations with other Ngaos' accessories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The colour combination of the fabric (vegan leather) and the threads are endless. When choosing a "colour" such as pink, baby blue, black, purple, you're in fact choosing a "shade". We do not guarantee that the one shipped to you is exactly the same colour but it will be in the same shade. Each of the bag charms is really unique. There are no two same bag charms.

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